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10th PHP Meetup

By DreamWork

On September 4 at Dreamwork Coworking Space, PHP Ninjas of Davao City gathered together for their 10th Meetup as a group.

They were also given short seminar on:

  • Setting up a local environment (mysql/php/node.js)
  • Understanding and improving your coding habits (php/css/html)


Web Developer Fundamentals by Aj Grandeza of Lean Davao City

By DreamWork



First part of the Web Developer Fundamentals happened last weekend, September 3, 2016 at Dreamwork Coworking Space.

web developer workshop seminar davao city

Topics discussed were:

  • Web API 2
  • Entity framework

Part Two will be on the 10th of September. More information here:

  • Day 2 (Morning) – AngularJS Fundamentals (200 PESOS)
    Day 2 (Afternoon) – Consuming Restful APIs using AngularJS – WITH HANDS ON EXERCISES (300 PESOS)
    or ATTEND ALL FOR 600 PESOS ONLY (save 200 pesos =) )

See you next week! Get ready for AngularJS! 😀


Working from Home VS Coworking in Davao City

By DreamWork

The two most common work places to conduct business are either the home or in an office.

Recently, coworking has become the trend in place of an office in the Philipppines. Coworking is an office-sharing arrangement between individuals or businesses on a usually short-term membership basis.

Some people prefer to do business at home because it  can save them some money for rental and travel expenses.  They also avoid wasting time dressing up and commuting to work.

However, these advantages may be easily outweighed by the benefits of coworking in Davao City with others outside the home.

6. Dressing Up

For one, dressing up and going somewhere to work gives a feeling of being professional and business-like. This feeling translates to purpose-driven actions and improved productivity.

5. Environment

A co-working space provides a place conducive to meeting clients and professionally transact business with them as compared to the home or coffee shops.

Co-working spaces create a business-like environment to work in, surrounded by other like-minded people. The ambiance enhances professionalism.

4. Privacy

A co-working space also offers the privacy to work undisturbed by home activities and distractions. In contrast, with other people around the house,  it is extremely difficult to be productive.

3. Focus

There are lots of distractions like household chores that eat up much  time that should be spent  sitting down and doing work pertaining to business. Complaining about these often creates friction among family members that stresses everyone. This can disrupt life at home and adversely affect concentration.

2. Time Management

Coworking outside the home gives one better control of time. Definite hours to work can be set. This is an almost impossibility when working at home with the myriads of distractions that come up like kids popping up, deliveries and mails coming, irresistible TV programs showing, domestic phone calls to answer, etc. When  working from home, there is no separation between the place of work and the place to relax.  Unless you are very disciplined, this can disrupt proper time management.

1. Networking, Collaboration

Co-working opens the opportunity to widens one’s network through their  fellow co-workers and their referrals. Meeting different people and sharing various ideas and perspectives  with them can be both empowering and motivating.  These can result to self-improvement and business enhancement.