First official TEDx Host Space in Davao City, Dreamwork Coworking Space opens our doors to TEDx teams.

Each year, thousands of TEDx events are held around the world. A common challenge teams face is where to host these events and meetings leading up to them. So we started thinking, what better place to bring the community together to talk about great ideas than a coworking space? Thus the beginning of a perfect partnership.

Since launch, coworking spaces in more than 564 cities and 114 countries have generously volunteered to donate space for meetings, speaker rehearsals, and large-scale events to TEDx teams around the world.

An exciting opportunity brought to us by our friends at

TEDx events are hosted by members of your local community and are 100% non-profit. Events are different in every city around the world, so TEDx organizers have different needs for different spaces.

It could be a private booth for speaker rehearsals, a meeting space for 10 people, an open area to host an event for hundreds of attendees, or something completely different!




About tedx logo Host Spaces

TEDx Host Spaces are a group of coworking spaces on Coworker who have generously volunteered to donate space to TEDx teams around the world to host official TEDx events and/or team meetings leading up to the event.

As the size of the space needed by TEDx teams varies and could range from a small booth for speaker rehearsals to a large open area for the actual event, there is no space too big or too small to donate.

By becoming a TEDx Host Space, TEDx teams around the world will know they can reach out to you directly to see how the space can help with their next event.